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Mr Fighting Episode 11
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  • Mr Fighting Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese Drama Mr Fighting

    Duan Yu Qiao, who introduced the T.F.K.C. Professional Competition, aside from being recognized as the international champion of fist-fighting, he is also the son of Duan Shi Entertainment Enterprise. Knowing that his father and the Ye family used to be sworn enemies in fist-fighting and that they had a fallout in the past, plus the downfall of the Ye family, Yu Qiao plans to rebuild the only property that is left of the Ye family, “Fist-fighting Hall”, which is purchased by Duan Shi Entertainment Enterprise, into a commercial building. Repeated urges and uses of force to get rid of the people in the Hall did little good as they all stay put and refuse to leave. Therefore, Yu Qiao decides  ...
    Year: 2013
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