Taiwanese Drama

  • Watch Meteor Garden Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMeteor Garden

    Shan Cai, a lower middle class citizen, is attending Ying De University, the private school made exclusively for rich citizens. Besides being looked down upon by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si.
  • Watch Meteor Garden 2 Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMeteor Garden 2

    The story opens with the graduation of F4 from Ying De University and subsequently focuses on their life after graduation. It follows the blossoming love story of Shan Cai (Barbie) and Dao Ming Si (Jerry).
  • Watch Meteor Rain Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMeteor Rain

    These are the side stories of Meteor Garden I... Liu Xing Yu. There are 3 separate stories for each of the F3, namely, Dao Ming Si, Xi Men and Mei Zuo. They happened in different times... before and during Meteor Garden I.
  • Watch Miao Miao Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMiao Miao

    Struggling to adjust to her new life in Taipei, introverted high school girl Miao Miao opens up after meeting outgoing classmate Xiao Ai who becomes increasingly enamoured with her new friend. Unaware of Xiao Ai?s confused feelings for her, Miao Miao falls for brooding CD shop owner Chen Fei, who seems determined to block out the world with...
  • Watch Miss No Good Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMiss No Good

    Jiang Xiao Hua is a girl with no sense of style who wears every color everyday. One day she shares a cab with the very famous fashion designer, Tang Men.
  • Watch Miss Rose Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMiss Rose

    When a fortune teller predicted that Luo Si Yi was doomed to be a spinster, Luo wagered that she can get herself married within the year or she will pay the fortune teller a million dollars. As she dressed up for her dates, she also found herself armored up to help her new boss.
  • Watch Momo Love Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMomo Love

    Tao Hua Xiao Mei is adapted from Japan's best selling manga Tao Hua Mei Mei. The plot is about Tao Hua who has been pampered and loved by 4 of her brothers almost to the extend of sister brotherly love.
  • Watch Monga Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMonga

    Set in 1980s Taiwan, after the end of military dictatorship, Monga centers around the troubled lives of five boys coming of age together. The narrator of the story, Mosquito, is invited to be a part of the gang after a silly fight over a chicken leg.
  • Watch Moon River Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMoon River

    The day Ming Xiao Xi transferred to her new school, she got herself into a fight with the most popular kids in school, who also happened to be the most arrogant, devilish pretty boys in school. Before she knew it, she became public enemy number 1.
  • Watch Mr Fighting Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMr Fighting

    Duan Yu Qiao, who introduced the T.F.K.
  • Watch Murmur Of The Hearts Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMurmur Of The Hearts

    Not Louis Malle's classic but the latest from director Sylvia Chang who, after years of absence from the helm, digs deep into her Taiwanese roots to tell a story about growing up, and letting go. Isabella Leong plays an uncertain...
  • Watch Murphy's Law of Love Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMurphy's Law of Love

    What happens when true love meets Murphy’s Law? Murphy’s Law states “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Guan Xiao Tong (Ivelyn Lee) is known as the “love guru” of the Meet and Match Online Dating Company, able to solve anybody’s relationship issues.
  • Watch My DNA Says I Love You Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMy DNA Says I Love You

    Neat freak Gigi (Terri Kwan), who changes boyfriends almost as quickly as she changes her underwear, and depressive Marlene (Yu Nan), who pines for her workaholic lover (Lin Yu-lun), both work for a biotech company that manufactures character-changing pills. One day, to snag a slobby guy (Peter Ho) she fancies, Gigi decides to take some untested...
  • Watch My Geeky Nerdy Buddies Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMy Geeky Nerdy Buddies

    Otaku and his roommate Mr. Cheap are known as the ultimate geeks of their university.
  • Watch My Lucky Star Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMy Lucky Star

    Like the boy who cried wolf, Xia Zhi Xing had lied one too many times. So when she did tell the truth, nobody believed her except for the most unlikely person, Zhong Tian Qi, a runaway young master of a jewelry empire.