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  • Watch Kabukicho Love Hotel Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKabukicho Love Hotel

    Movie follows the lives of various people connected by a love hotel in Kabukicho, Tokyo. Characters include Toru (Shota Sometani), Saya (Atsuko Maeda), the cleaning woman for the love hotel (Kaho Minami), the cleaning woman’s husband (Yutaka Matsushige), music producer (Nao Omori), salaryman (Jun Murakami), prostitute scout (Shugo Oshinari)...
  • Watch Captain of Destiny Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaCaptain of Destiny

    During a high-speed motorboat chase with a criminal, Cheung Chau police constable Wong Tai-mui gets herself trapped in a waterspout, accidentally opening a time portal. She travels back 200 years to early 19th century Hong Kong, a time when the island was under Qing rule.
  • Watch Moon River Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMoon River

    The day Ming Xiao Xi transferred to her new school, she got herself into a fight with the most popular kids in school, who also happened to be the most arrogant, devilish pretty boys in school. Before she knew it, she became public enemy number 1.
  • Watch Love Cuisine Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaLove Cuisine

    Life is best lived through the cuisine of the world. Han Jie is a heralded celebrity chef who runs a restaurant in Europe but returns to Taiwan to become a culinary teacher at Si Ping High School to fulfill his promise to his old mentor.
  • Watch Under The Veil Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaUnder The Veil

    The drama is told in three separate folklore stories about love, lust, vanity, greed and selfishness. Changing Pins Male and female fraternal twins fall in love with different men with the same appearance.
  • Watch Strobe Edge Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaStrobe Edge

    Ninako is a female high school student. She has a pure and honest personality.
  • Watch Sashimi Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaSashimi

    Popular Japanese AV star Asano Natsumi is thrown for a loop when she finds out that an AV actor she‘s long worked with is HIV-positive. Shocked and adrift, she ends up visiting a B&B in Taiwan run by two equally...
  • Watch She Was Pretty Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaShe Was Pretty

    A romantic comedy about two past acquaintances who meet again after they went through reversal fortunes and appearances. Kim Hye Jin was a very pretty girl from a rich family.
  • Watch Assassination Classroom Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaAssassination Classroom

    A mysterious creature destroys 70% of the moon. The creature then warns that if he is not destroyed by March of next year, Earth will be next.
  • Watch Chronicle of a Blood Merchant Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaChronicle of a Blood Merchant

    Post-war South Korea in 1953, Heo Sam-Gwan (Ha Jung-Woo) works on a construction site and helps his uncle to farm. The guys in his village can't get married, until they are able to sell their own blood.
  • Watch D-Day Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaD-Day

    A story about rescue workers and emergency medical doctors when a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits Seoul, immobilizing the whole city.
  • Watch Mom Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaMom

    After sacrificing her everything to raise her children on her own, a mother takes revenge on the children who will do anything to get their hands on her inheritance
  • Watch I Have a Lover Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaI Have a Lover

    Hae Kang (Kim Hyun Joo), is a successful lawyer, but she wants to become more successful. Due to her ambitions, her relationship with her husband, Jin Uhn (Ji Jin Hee), deteriorates.
  • Watch Murmur Of The Hearts Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaMurmur Of The Hearts

    Not Louis Malle's classic but the latest from director Sylvia Chang who, after years of absence from the helm, digs deep into her Taiwanese roots to tell a story about growing up, and letting go. Isabella Leong plays an uncertain...
  • Watch Momentary Lapse Of Reason Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaMomentary Lapse Of Reason

    The story is fictional telling the history of Hong Kong during the 1930s while Hong Kong was still under British rule. By the 1930s Tong Sai, Hong Kong, it was very wealthy and risky.