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  • Watch Bromance Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaBromance

    One day, Pi Ya Nuo rescued mob boss Du Zi Feng and his sister from danger, not knowing her action would cause her secret life to be exposed. She never had any close friend because no one must discover that she is a woman living as a man until her 26th birthday or, according to the fortune teller, bad things would happen.
  • Watch Samurai Sensei Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaSamurai Sensei

    Takechi Hanpeita, a samurai of Tosa domain who campaigned for the expulsion of foreigners, unwittingly travels 150 years in time from the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate to present day Japan. Becoming a teacher at a private school run by Saeki Makoto in a village in the remote countryside through an unexpected turn of events, he solves...
  • Watch Awl Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaAwl

    Lee Soo-In has the kind of temperament where he has to do the right thing no matter what. After his discharge from the military, he has worked at a large retail market.
  • Watch Naked Ambition 2 Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaNaked Ambition 2

    An honors graduate in literature, Wyman is stuck writing cheap erotic fiction, but somehow ends up starring in an AV film. Suddenly a porn superstar in Japan, he discovers a whole new world fraught with pleasure, pain and more twists...
  • Watch Glamorous Temptation Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaGlamorous Temptation

    A story about a woman experiencing a harsh fate, a woman who is jealous of her and a man set out to get revenge.
  • Watch Six Flying Dragons Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaSix Flying Dragons

    This drama depicts the ideological and political clashes that happen between Taejong and Jung Do-jeon, the man instrumental in helping his father Taejo establish the Joseon nation, and the drama follows the conflict as they attempt to consolidate their power and the state of the fledgling nation.
  • Watch The Assassin Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaThe Assassin

    The film is set during the mighty Tang Dynasty-period in Chinese history. Nie Yinniang returns to family after several years in exile.
  • Watch The Beauty Inside Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaThe Beauty Inside

    Woo-jin wakes up in a different body everyday, regardless of age, gender and nationality. Sometimes he's a man, a woman, old, young, or even a foreigner.
  • Watch Ryuzo And The Seven Henchmen Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaRyuzo And The Seven Henchmen

    Ryuzo (Tatsuya Fuji) and his 7 former henchmen are all retired yakuza, but they now live as regular old men. One day, Ryuzo becomes the victim of a phishing fraud. He calls his 7 men together to reform their society.
  • Watch Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaOkitegami Kyoko no Biboroku

    Okitegami Kyōko is the cutest private detective in history and is also known as the "Forgetful Detective". Whenever she falls asleep her memory resets and wipes all recollection of the day's events, so whatever the case she must solve always solve it within a day! She uses a magic marker to write notes on her body of those things it is vital...
  • Watch Konkatsu Deka Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKonkatsu Deka

    35-year-old Hanada Yoneko is a detective of Ryogoku Police Precinct who is looking for a marriage partner. She swings between love and justice as she pursues cases with her partner, Fujioka Tsutsuji.
  • Watch Siren Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaSiren

    Satomi Shinobu and Inokuma Yuki work as detectives in the Mobile Investigation Unit of The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The two are assigned as partners on the job and consider each other as rivals.
  • Watch The Merchant: Gaekju Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaThe Merchant: Gaekju

    Based on the ten-volume original novel “Gaekju” by Kim Joo Young which was published from 1979-June to 1983-Feb through daily newspaper “The Seoul Shinmun”. A drama that tells the story of tradesmen in the late years of the Joseon era.
  • Watch Teddy Go! Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaTeddy Go!

    Yamase Kazuko is a 23-year-old part-time worker who recently got cheated and dumped by her boyfriend and also just lost her job—basically she feels she has reached the rock bottom in life. One day, she walks by a store and finds a teddy bear she fell in love with at first sight.
  • Watch Gisou no Fuufu Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGisou no Fuufu

    Everyone who chances upon Kamon Hiro will think her the ideal woman, with her aloof looks and beautiful and gentle smile. They are all dead wrong, as Kamon Hiro, 45 year old single, actually hates everyone else.