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  • Watch The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaThe Eccentric Daughter-in-Law

    The plot features a former idol who dreams of a comeback who goes on a "daughter-in-law experiment" program where she's pitted against a fake mother-in-law from one of those long-standing traditional family clans. As they clash, fight, and reconcile, they'll realize the true meaning of family.
  • Watch Ichiro Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaIchiro

    Set during the Edo period. Ichiro Onodera’s father dies suddenly due to a fire at home.
  • Watch Ishi no Mayu Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaIshi no Mayu

    The body of a person who died an unnatural death is discovered encased in mortar like concrete in the basement of an abandoned building. Why was the person murdered this way? The next day, the investigation task force receives a phone call from the criminal who calls himself Tremi during a meeting to discuss the investigation of the case.
  • Watch Tamiou Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaTamiou

    One day, the current prime minister of Japan, Muto Taizan, and his useless son, Sho, suddenly discover that they have switched bodies. With no known cause or solution at hand, Sho reluctantly ends up appearing in the Diet on his father’s behalf.
  • Watch All About My Mom Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaAll About My Mom

    While Im San Ok and Lee Jin Ae have a sickening and unique love-hate relationship, their story as mother and daughter can be defined as a work of art.
  • Watch Joker Game Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaJoker Game

    Set along a backdrop of a fictitious second world war at an international city in Asia. In Japan, Lieutenant Colonel Yuki (Yusuke Iseya) recommends the creation of spy training school "D Kikan".
  • Watch Little Forest: Winter & Spring Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaLittle Forest: Winter & Spring

    Ichiko (Ai Hashimoto) lived in a big city, but goes back to her small hometown Komori, located on a mountain in the Tohoku region. She is self-sufficient. Ichiko gains energy living among nature and eating foods she makes from seasonal ingredients.
  • Watch Dokonjo Gaeru Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaDokonjo Gaeru

    It was 16 years ago. Hiroshi, a clumsy middle schooler, tripped at the park and fell on top of a frog.
  • Watch Age Harassment Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaAge Harassment

    Yoshii Emiri is a new employee of a top trading company. In addition to her motivation, skills and ambition, she possesses both youth and beauty.
  • Watch 100 Yen Love Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese Drama100 Yen Love

    Ichiko (Sakura Ando) lives at her parents' home. She rarely hangs out with other people.
  • Watch Paradise in Service Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaParadise in Service

    Set in the island Kinmen, often seen as the most dangerous military base because it is geographically close to China, Paradise In Service follows the adventure of a boy who serves his military service in Unit 831 from 1969 to 1972, in preparation for a war that could erupt anytime. Through an unlucky lottery draw result, Pao, a twenty-something...
  • Watch The Fixer Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaThe Fixer

    When police officers, lawyers or triad members have difficult problems that they cannot solve, an underground organization called "The Fixers" will step in. Mastermind Szeto Sam Ping leads the group, consisting of legal expert Leoi Leoi, computer expert Mak Ping On, flirty thief Chan Dai Man and former government official Bak Seon.
  • Watch Brick Slaves Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaBrick Slaves

    In order to find a home in the tiny area of Hong Kong, some people will give up their dreams, be willing to work hard and live frugally to pay for their mortgage. These people are known as "brick slaves".
  • Watch Full Strike Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaFull Strike

    Ng Kau Sau was once Queen in badminton, she gave up herself after being expelled from the sport. One day she met a brunch of terrible weirdoes: the Drunken Master who was lying on the ground, one-armed Lam Chiu, visually-impaired...
  • Watch Attack on Titan Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaAttack on Titan

    100 years ago, titans suddenly appeared on Earth. Soon, human civilization veered on collapse due to the titans. Humans then built a giant wall to defend themselves. Within the giant walls, humans lived in peace, but, 100 years later, the giant wall is broken.