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  • Watch Undercover HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaUndercover

    The story is familiar stuff, following Feng (Shawn Yue, recently in Benny Chan?s ?Invisible Target?), an undercover policeman whose return to the force after spending years infiltrating the triads is not going too well. Unsurprisingly, the poor lad is having some trouble readjusting to a law abiding life, and still spends most of his time...
  • Watch Rebellion HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaRebellion

    Notorious of its unpeace, the South district (in Hong Kong island) is ruled by five gangs. The five leaders, Jimmy (Calvin Poon), Coffee (Paul Wong), Jupiter (Convoy Chan), Sand (Jun Kung) and Man Ching (Anson Leung) share the same power over the area.
  • Watch Kidnap HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaKidnap

    Three years ago, the drama tutor Lam Hiu-Yeung's brother was kidnapped and killed. The case was handled by Inspector Madem Ho Yuen Chun, who is known for her sharp wit and intelligence, but was unfortunately unable to save Lam Hiu-Yeung's brother in the end.
  • Watch Cross HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaCross

    One day, a man brings a luggage to the police report room. From the luggage, he takes out some files, a plastic wrapped scalpel and a half-filled vital out one by one and methodically placed it in front of the police while confessing that he killed a man and wants to surrender.
  • Watch Champions HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaChampions

    Based on a true story. When China announces that it will field its very first Olympics team, which will include a handful of martial artists to demonstrate Wushu to the world for the very first time, millions across the country compete for the honor of representing their national sport.
  • Watch Bet to Basic HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaBet to Basic

    Inferior gangster Flying Dragon (Kar Lok Chin) has a bad habit of gambling, he thus offends the three great gamble deceivers. Luckily his younger cousin, Roy (starring Jordon CHAN), who comes back from America is extraordinarily lucky, he can win every round of the game and saves Flying Dragon.
  • Watch Bug Me Not! HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaBug Me Not!

    Moon is a young misfit who has the abilities to talk to bugs. Moon has always been perceived as a "misfit" because she spoke baby talk too long.
  • Watch Bruce Lee, My Brother HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaBruce Lee, My Brother

    Bruce Lee, My Brother is an action-dramatic biopic of the eponymous martial arts legend as told by his younger brother, Robert Lee. It revolves around Bruce Lee's life as a rebellious adolescent in Hong Kong before he sets off for the USA and conquers the world at the age of 18 with only US$100 in his pocket.
  • Watch Ashes of Time Redux HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaAshes of Time Redux

    In this film, set in ancient times in China, Leslie Cheung plays an agent, Ouyang Feng, hiring famous bounty hunters. His character is portrayed as a fallen swordsman driven by greed and heartless to both friend and foe.
  • Watch A True Mob Story HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaA True Mob Story

    A low level gangster in Hong Kong gains new respect after saving a boss's life in a gang fight. Despite his wife's death in this attack, he appears to be moving up in the Triad family until he discovers the other bosses are not looking out for him when he is double crossed and the gangster he previously hospitalized in the gang fight comes...
  • Watch Ashes of Time HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaAshes of Time

    A broken-hearted hit man moves to the desert where he finds skilled swordsmen to carry out his contract killings.
  • Watch A Simple Life HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaA Simple Life

    Inspired by a true story, the film tells about a heartwarming relationship between a young master of a big family, Roger (Andy Lau) and the servant of the family who raised him, Sister Peach (Deannie Yip).
  • Watch A Chinese Odyssey 2 HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaA Chinese Odyssey 2

    This sequel to "Pandora's Box" continues director Jeffrey Lau's adaptation of the Buddhism saga "Journey to the West". Stranded five centuries in the past, Joker Monkey King must battle a variety of monsters, seductive women and super-powered villains to save the dying Pak Jing-Jing.
  • Watch All's Well, Ends Well HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaAll's Well, Ends Well

    Four men go on a heroic mission to help four women and wind up experiencing a series of mishaps.
  • Watch A Beautiful Life HongKong Drama Online

    HongKong DramaA Beautiful Life

    Li Peiru (Shu Qi) drifts to Beijing from Hong Kong to make a living but ends up falling in love with Fang Zhendong (Liu Ye), a local policeman. Shu Qi plays an opportunist who takes advantages of Liu Ye for financial gain.