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Watch Lethal Hostage Chinese Drama Online

Description:The film is about the relationship between Hong, a drug dealer, and Annie, his hostage. 10 years ago Annie's father was a dentist who worked with drug dealing gangsters however their plan went wrong when a mob boss was killed by police.[Click to Read on]

Watch Good-for-Nothing Heros Hong Kong Drama Online

Description:The film tells the financial crisis background two small figures in metropolis a strange combination of circumstances become the hero of the story.The story takes place in the busy street and Stars Hotel of the gap between the two great sites, in the street by collecting waste, doing odd jobs for students of penda (Qiao Renliang ornaments...[Click to Read on]

Watch The Raid: Redemption Taiwanese Drama Online

Description:A S.W.A.T. team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a ruthless mobster and his army of killers and thugs.[Click to Read on]

Watch After the Banquet Korean Drama Online

Description:In the countryside at a Catholic Church luxurious cars come rolling in. A wedding is set to take place between Ji-hong (Shin Sung-Woo) and Yu-ri (Ye Ji-Won).[Click to Read on]

Watch Diaries of the Cheating Hearts Chinese Drama Online

Description:Diaries of the Cheating hearts depicts the lives of four women, their love life and their career. Basically, the ups and downs of their lives. But these kind of women makes them more beautiful because their married lives gives them a totally new dimension, feelings and experiences.[Click to Read on]

Watch Beijing Blues Chinese Drama Online

Description:Haidian district, northwest Beijing, the present day. Zhang Huiling (Zhang Lixian) is a veteran plainclothes detective leading a team from the local police station specializing in catching pickpockets and fraudsters.[Click to Read on]

Watch A Moment of Love Taiwanese Drama Online

Description:Yaqing is a magazine reporter who is engaged to be married is given a new assignment. She is going to Yunan to investigate a story of long lost love of an eldery Taiwanese man.[Click to Read on]

Watch Deep Night Stand Chinese Drama Online

Description:Sex undercurrents in this city, a group of lost dreams in the city was abandoned by the year women dissipation. Yu Qi is one of them, and is a leader in professional one-night stand.[Click to Read on]

Watch Day of Redemption Chinese Drama Online

Description:Day of Redemption (2013) is a Chinese Thriller -Drama movie directed by Guan Er. It was released 19 July, 2013 (China) in mandarin language and and it’s Running time 102 minutes.[Click to Read on]

Watch Fake Fiction Chinese Drama Online

Description:Focusing about a trickster and an eight year old girl in a constant conflict when the girl make him to regain his conscience back.[Click to Read on]

Watch Angel Warriors Chinese Drama Online

Description:“Angel Warriors” tells the story of five girls from the city, who go on a rural getaway surrounded by lush jungles and beautiful beaches.But there’s trouble in paradise when an excursion into the forest leads the five girls into a dangerous encounter with local criminals, who are endangering the surrounding ancient cultural relics.[Click to Read on]

Watch A Young Girl's Destiny Chinese Drama Online

Description:Beijing, winter. After studying in the UK, where her parents are living, Zuo Yingning (Zhang Lixin) has returned to China to realise her dream of becoming a TV presenter.[Click to Read on]

Watch Fall of a City Chinese Drama Online

Description:Shubei town, southeast China, the present day. Five years after he fled with RMB800,000 (US$125,000) from a bank robbery, Liu Chuan (Huang Jue) returns incognito to the town.[Click to Read on]

Watch A Style of Men in Beijing Chinese Drama Online

Description:The movie is about a group of ‘floaters’ in Beijing ?people who live and work in Beijing but are not native residents. It is rare for a Beijing floater to have a fixed home, as they move from place to place according to their job requirements.[Click to Read on]

Watch Love Retake Chinese Drama Online

Description:Name: 赵宝刚 / Zhao Bao Gang Profession: Director, producer and actor Birthdate: 1955-Jul-07 Birthplace: Beijing, China Star sign: Cancer Chinese zodiac: Goat Family: Wife/producer Ding Xin and son (born 2002-Dec-19) Contractor: Beijing Xinbaoyuan[Click to Read on]