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Watch FACE MAKER Japanese Drama Online

Description:Kirishima, a skilled plastic surgeon who previously used to work for the US ‘Federal Witness Protection Programme’. His nickname is "Face Maker.[Click to Read on]

Watch Engine Japanese Drama Online

Description:Jiro Kanzaki is an F3000 test driver blessed with acute sensitivity and breathtaking driving techniques. He's a daredevil who feels no fear driving at speeds that even top racers dare not attempt.[Click to Read on]

Watch Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta! Japanese Drama Online

Description:Makimura Kimiko, freelance journalist and city-girl extraordinaire, marries into a traditional Japanese family. Most overbearing of the Yamamoto Family members is Isojiro's mother, Shimako, who seems to think Kimiko is the perfect wife whose knowledge of the traditional Japanese arts knows no bounds.[Click to Read on]

Watch Egao no Hosoku Japanese Drama Online

Description:Yumi (Takeuchi Yuko) is a 23-year-old office worker. Out of the blue, she is fired from her job.[Click to Read on]

Watch Enka no Joou Japanese Drama Online

Description:Himawari is an unsuccessful 39-year-old enka singer who has bad luck with men and money. Born into an Osaka takoyaki shop, the young Himawari was inspired by her father's words to immerse herself in enka.[Click to Read on]

Watch Edison no Haha Japanese Drama Online

Description:The series focuses on Ayukawa Noriko, the teacher of a class of first-graders. One day, a boy named Kento transfers into her class from another school, where he was treated as a problem child.[Click to Read on]

Watch Dream Again Japanese Drama Online

Description:This original series stars Takashi Sorimachi as the pro baseball player Shunsuke Ogi, who is forced to retire after a shoulder injury. He continues to train in hope of returning to the game, but a sudden accident leads to his death.[Click to Read on]

Watch Dinner Japanese Drama Online

Description:At a famous Italian restaurant, the chef, who is also the owner of the restaurant, collapses. The restaurant then falls into difficult times.[Click to Read on]

Watch Dragon Zakura Japanese Drama Online

Description:Sakuragi Kenji is a destitute lawyer and one-time member of a motorcyle gang trying to guide failing high school students with an average score of 36 into Japan's most prestigious educational institution, Tokyo University (Toudai). "If you want to change your life, get into Toudai!" For no other reason than Sakuragi's personal ambition,...[Click to Read on]

Watch Dragon Seinendan Japanese Drama Online

Description:The sudden appearance of dragon in the skies of Tokyo causes a great uproar. Mitsuyama City is a provincial town at the foot of Mt Fuji located hundreds of kilometers away from Tokyo and free of the commotion.[Click to Read on]

Watch Detarame Hero Japanese Drama Online

Description:Kenta (Ryuta Sato) doesn't have a regular job. He then learns that he has take care of his nephew Taichi for the foreseeable future.[Click to Read on]

Watch Dr Koto Shinryoujo Japanese Drama Online

Description:After making a serious mistake in his work in Tokyo, talented surgeon Goto Kensuke is invited to take charge of the only clinic on the small island of Yonaguni, Okinawa. It is difficult to get competent doctors to serve on this remote island, and the islanders are now used to traveling for hours via boat for proper medical care.[Click to Read on]

Watch Densha Otoko Japanese Drama Online

Description:A true love story turned to bestselling novel, created from the Internet BBS, 2channel to blockbuster hit movie. Ito Misaki plays Aoyama Saori, working as an office lady at a MNC, gets into trouble with a drunkard on a train.[Click to Read on]

Watch Doubles ~ Futari no Keiji Japanese Drama Online

Description:Detective Yamashita and detective Tashiro start working in the special investigation team at the Shinjuku police station. Yamashita doesn’t care about details and says what he thinks. Tashiro is diligent and enthusiastic with his investigative work. They frequently argue, but also cooperate to solve the cases.[Click to Read on]

Watch Denchi ga kireru made Japanese Drama Online

Description:A new hospital teacher at a crossroads in her life discovers the real meaning and value of the human spirit through communicating with severely sick children. Based on “Life‿, a positive poem written by an innocent girl who suffered from serious diseases.[Click to Read on]