MamangDidithPosted: 18:31:40 28-05-2014

one of a kind... super love it...

lingPosted: 15:25:23 09-06-2014

Done watching all episodes within 24hrs. Di pa ako satisfied sa last episode sana may season 2. Really love this movie :-)..

sandraPosted: 20:45:27 09-08-2014

Pls hw do u watch dis movie

izzyPosted: 13:09:13 01-07-2014

How long are the episodes

katPosted: 07:52:33 04-07-2014

how did you play the episodes?

pathinyakaPosted: 03:40:02 05-07-2014

I could not download this.

tkabsPosted: 16:31:53 02-08-2014

HELP, how do i download the episodes?

mariahestiacompit16Posted: 01:08:33 10-08-2014

I hope someday there is a season 2..I miss them both lee min ho and park shin ye.

adeolasexyPosted: 12:27:51 11-10-2014

Hmmm pretty interesting