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    Korean Drama Nameless Gangster

    South Korea, 13 October 1990. Following President Roh Tae-woo's declaration of a crackdown on organized crime, Busan businessman Choi Ik-hyun (Choi Min-shik) is arrested for embezzling billions of won from hotel construction companies, and is also charged with intimidation, kidnapping and assault. Busan public prosecutor Jo Beom-seok (Kwak Do-won) is in charge of the investigation, and especially the murder of hotelier Heo Sam-shik (Kwon Tae-won) by mobster Kim Pan-ho (Jo Jin-woong), with whom Ik-hyun allegedly was connected. Back in March 1982, Choi was a Busan customs officer who, along with colleagues, was already taking bribes and pilfering goods. After discovering 10 kilograms of heroin  ...
    Year: 2012
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