My Love From Another Star Episodes


menicePosted: 04:52:38 28-05-2014

i love this movie

RainbowAngPosted: 19:18:05 17-08-2014

this is drama not movie

FaithRose92Posted: 19:01:17 29-05-2014

when is the release of the season 2????

chelsidelmonte12Posted: 16:55:54 10-06-2014

May season 2? :)

MaaaarenPosted: 02:34:58 18-12-2014

Not every drama has a season 2 even if it's a very good one.

Zooey08Posted: 07:20:52 02-06-2014

Kilig naman ang story nila..kelan nmn ang season 2???

chelsidelmonte12Posted: 16:56:40 10-06-2014

may season 2? :)

angilycalaluan25Posted: 02:33:55 04-06-2014

i really love

peshoPosted: 03:15:23 02-07-2014

yes and i love it

zack97zuPosted: 04:16:09 05-06-2014

i wanna have teacher like min joon!!

ajrose08Posted: 00:57:15 06-06-2014

suppppppppperrrrr like :)

diancasPosted: 05:33:10 10-06-2014

season 2 please!

diancasPosted: 05:34:07 10-06-2014

season 2 pleasee!!!

chelsidelmonte12Posted: 16:55:28 10-06-2014

One of the most memorable movie i've ever seen! Season 2 please! Bitin yung ending :(

YGLPosted: 23:27:47 21-06-2014

I dont like a part 2. Read this: In the SBS "Good Morning Entertainment News," which aired on March 3, 2014, producer Jang Tae Yoo of the recently ended popular SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "You Who Came From The Stars" made his appearance. Producer Jang Tae Yoo in the interview showed positive response toward the possibility of making the subsequent season for "You Who Came From The Stars." Producer Jang Tae Yoo said, "I would have to speak with the scriptwriter, but I think it could be possible that we film the subsequent season." He then added, "Do Min Joon has lived through Cho Sun dynasty, the Japanese occupation period, and in the early 1970s. Chun Song Yi could not be the first love for him on the earth. If I get a chance to, I want to challenge myself in filming the second season." I love Do Min-joon and Cheon Song-yi, and I will hate to see Do Min-joon love someone else..

HatimiyaZarois99Posted: 06:51:03 26-07-2014

huh! that's true..there's a rumors saying soo hyun couple with suzy... i don't really like that..

MallowyayPosted: 21:43:18 21-08-2014

whoah dude!song yi is married in real life!chill...i mean the age gap is huge but i think do min joon falling in love with another person is like okay BUT i rather have do min joon come back to earth n TADA!!!

rizzavetuzPosted: 19:52:57 07-07-2014

The best commedy love story ever..sana may season 2..bitin eh....

rizzavetuzPosted: 20:12:02 07-07-2014

Season 2 please...

rannethraPosted: 07:23:27 08-07-2014

This series is so good!Kim soo hyunnnn!!!!hope there will be 2nd seasen!

HatimiyaZarois99Posted: 06:49:00 26-07-2014

so sad for last episode...i think i need a bundle of tissue for my unstopped tears! although min joon back to alien,thankful that him stay alive.. season 2!!

StefaniePosted: 00:24:03 21-08-2014

Is there really a season 2 ?

MallowyayPosted: 21:44:00 21-08-2014

he means he waiting for season 2 if im not wrong

MallowyayPosted: 21:40:38 21-08-2014

its nice but urrrr nurrr....the ending wasnt solid...hmm maybe they could let do min joon lose his powers n become human?that will be nicer than some rabbit ending

Meimei96Posted: 18:26:01 27-09-2014

After watching this drama my have a big urge to book a plane ticket and fly straight to Korea: 3 my Do Min Joon!!!!!

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SeseLPosted: 23:54:01 06-11-2014

How to download videos? HELP ME PLEASE.

JulhyenaPosted: 01:56:09 30-12-2014

Download internet download manager.

shinPosted: 23:01:32 30-11-2014

i love this drama somuch

MaaaarenPosted: 02:34:08 18-12-2014

I loved this drama

MaaaarenPosted: 02:47:19 18-12-2014

This drama is worth watching!

peshoPosted: 05:33:48 24-03-2015

I love this Drama :)

rsmPosted: 20:24:25 15-11-2015

i love it

rohsjalhezPosted: 04:09:15 08-03-2016

where is the episode 16? link please!

BaiscopemoviePosted: 18:39:41 05-08-2016