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    Korean Drama Jeon Woo Chi

    Jeon U Chi (Cha Tae Hyeon) helps people using Taoist magic. He got his powers by swallowing a bead from a fox with nine tails. Jeon U Chi loves Princess Hong Mu Yeon (Uee). Gang Rim (Lee Hui Jun) and Ma Suk (Gim Kap-Soo) kills everyone in Yooldogoog and then goes to Joseon. Jeon U Chi is saved by his master. In order to bring Princess Hong Mu Yeon back and stop them, Jeon U Chi travels to Joseon and secretly hunts them. All the while, Jeon U Chi disguises himself as low-ranking public servant Lee Chi. Finally, he discovers where Gang Rim is.
    Year: 2013
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