I Hear Your Voice Episodes


zack97zuPosted: 10:14:29 05-06-2014

love this drama you gonna watch this!!!

zack97zuPosted: 10:14:54 05-06-2014

love this drama

widagpratiwiPosted: 11:43:58 11-06-2014

can I downoad this drama?

widagpratiwiPosted: 11:44:21 11-06-2014

can I download this drama?

ShounenPosted: 03:59:11 18-06-2014

Yes You Can !! Just Download the IDM

kikiPosted: 19:16:01 16-06-2014

great drama

ShounenPosted: 03:58:46 18-06-2014

why lawyer Cha and Lawyer Jjang is in the picture ? why not Park Soo Ha and Lawyer Jjang ?

08aryPosted: 13:12:16 07-07-2014

like like like this DRAMA ... :DDDD

arodlotrPosted: 12:10:39 09-07-2014

Is this drama good?

HatimiyaZarois99Posted: 12:34:55 15-07-2014

i agree with shounen...why lawyer cha with lawyer jjang in the picture and not park soo ha with her?? im going crazy now with that...who is the main character??

HatimiyaZarois99Posted: 09:43:51 19-07-2014

hope there's seasons 2!! you gonna watch this!=D

eliyenPosted: 00:00:04 27-07-2014

Love this drama so much! Recommended!