Boys Before Flowers Episodes


ayesha9998Posted: 06:42:29 21-09-2014

I realy love it

MouPosted: 07:17:15 23-10-2014

i love it so so much...

BlueSarangLPosted: 11:48:24 31-12-2014

It was my second korean drama I can only say its superrrrr Must Watch!

BlueSarangLPosted: 10:26:29 15-03-2015

i ll watch it for the 2nd time its been 5 years xD kkk also the japanese version is a must watch!

evansazaleaPosted: 05:09:10 21-03-2015

SUPER DUPER Love this Drama...EVer..

abhana1611Posted: 21:10:11 28-04-2016

when will i gets its season 2.... i love to watch this again n again.. m a big fan of it