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Vampire Host Episode 12

  • Vampire Host Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese Drama Vampire Host

    It focuses on a naive, loudmouthed teenager named Rion, who investigates a host club full of vampires when she suspects they must be related to the disappearance of a lot of people in the neighborhood, including her best friend. In the process she begins to befriend them, especially the leader Suou, with whom she develops a romantic relationship. Ultimately, she figures out the vampires are not the cause of the disappearances, but her adventures with the vampires are only beginning.
    Year: 2013
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Iz69Posted: 17:52:34 28-11-2014

good show. anticlimactic though.

Cricket2691Posted: 21:41:45 22-12-2014

I was entertaining but was more of a tenny bopper series. Kids liked it much more. It says season one. Wonder if there is a season two? Well time to pick another movie.