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    Japanese Drama Raiou

    Set during the Edo Period, a young man from a noble family meets a young woman under a special tree called "Raiou" (the tree was struck by lightning at one time with the broken part eventually sprouting out cherry blossoms). The young woman lived freely in the mountains after she was abducted as a young child. The couple soon fall in love under the Raiou tree, but become acutely aware of their different social positions & the ramifications it has on their relationship. Narimichi (Masaki Okada), born to the high ranking Tokugawa family, spends his sheltered days bored and lonely. One night, the family retainer, Sukejiro Seta (Keisuke Koide) tells Narimichi of a story involving Tenku, a monster  ...
    Year: 2013
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