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    Japanese Drama Paji Special

    Paji ~Jīji to Magomusume no Aijō Monogatari ~ (TV Tokyo Drama Special, Winter 2013) is the live adaptation of the slice-of-life manga by Murakami Takashi (Stargazing Dog, Namekemono ga Miteta). It stars veteran actor Ito Shiro as Sakita Mokichi, a widower grandpa who has to raise and care for his 5 year old granddaughter Momo (Kobayashi Seiran). Momo's father died when she was three, and just recently, she also lost her mother Sakura (Mimura), Mokichi-san's only daughter, to an illness. Not only that, Mokichi-san's health is not so great, and the company he works for is having financial trouble. Life seems hard for Mokichi-san who at his age of 71, is supposed to be enjoying his twilight years.  ...
    Year: 2013
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