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    Kaido published “Madonna Verde” in 2008 as a sequel to “Gene Waltz,” continuing the story around the controversial issue of surrogate pregnancy in Japan. Kuninaka plays the doctor Rie Sonezaki, known as the “Cool Witch” by her colleagues in the obstetrics department. The character was previously played by Miho Kanno (33) in the movie version of “Gene Waltz.” In “Madonna Verde,” Rie and her husband (played by comedian Jin Katagiri) want to have a child, but Rie lost her uterus due to an earlier illness. She decides to ask her own mother Midori (Matsuzaka) to be the surrogate mother, and the three of them proceed with their plan in secret. However, a man named Maruyama (Kyozo  ...
    Year: 2013
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Cricket2691Posted: 21:42:53 23-12-2014

I really enjoyed this film!! It is an age old question " Is man going too far?" There are two sides to every coin as per a story. I would do it for my daughter. In fact I have been contemplating it for a few years now. Some say infertility is God's way of controlling population. Some say there are so many unfit parents out there why shouldn't those that are fit to be parents be able to have them under fairly safe means? I don't know the correct answer to any of the questions but as a woman who fought for 10 years to conceive my daughter and fight to help her anyway I can as long as there is life in me!!!! Well it's off to another film!!!!!