L for Love, L for Lies (2008)

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    Hong Kong Drama L for Love, L for Lies (2008)

    Stephy originally was a very lucky girl. She opened a sweets shop after graduating college with her longtime boyfriend Jun (it didn?t say the name of who is acting him). Stephy thought that after everything settled down, she would then marry Jun. But of course the good times never last long. One day Stephy met her old classmate Alice Zeng (Taiwanese actress, from Jay Chou?s Secret). Alice liked Jun?s hard working and nice personality, and completely not caring about Stehpy?s feelings; decided to take Jun for her own. Stephy not only lost the long time love of her life, but she also lost the sweet shop that she has worked so hard on. Leila is Stephy?s good friend. She has a long time boyfriend  ...
    Year: 2013
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