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  • Watch 100 Tales of Horror Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese Drama100 Tales of Horror

    "100 tales of horror" is the follow-up to "Onmyoji Abe no Seimei" in the Tuesday night "Super Jidaigeki" time slot. Featuring 10 classic Japanese horror stories, this drama and its ghostly beings have been brought to life through computer graphics and special effects.
  • Watch 20th Century Boys Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese Drama20th Century Boys

    The trilogy of 20th Century Boys live-action films (directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi) is set to be one of the biggest undertakings ever in the Japanese movie industry. The project not only has a budget of 6 billion yen, but it was revealed that it will feature a cast of 300 people.
  • Watch 4 Shimai Tantei Dan Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese Drama4 Shimai Tantei Dan

    The story features a team of four sleuthing sisters.
  • Watch 4th Period Mystery Korean Drama Online

    Korean Drama4th Period Mystery

    During 4th period when all the students are in gym class, top student Jeong-hun (Yu Seung-Ho) walks into a classroom to find fellow classmate Tae-gyu (Jo Sang-Keun) brutally murdered. Jeong-hun and Tae-gyu has had a history of disliking one another.
  • Watch A Chorus of Angels Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaA Chorus of Angels

    20 years ago, an elementary school student falls on an island in the northern tip of Hokkaido. A teacher and 6 students makes contact through songs. What happened to the studen who fell? The teacher returns 20 years later to meet with her former students.
  • Watch A Million Stars Falling From The Sky Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaA Million Stars Falling From The Sky

    The story opens after a young female student kills herself by jumping off a balcony. It's soon discovered that she was in fact stabbed, and the room arranged to make it look like a suicide.
  • Watch A Pillow Case of Mystery Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaA Pillow Case of Mystery

    Sze Sai Lun, along with his family, comes into town to be its new judge. He soon ends up having to sentence the town fool.
  • Watch A Pillow Case of Mystery 2 Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaA Pillow Case of Mystery 2

    This is a sequel to A Pillow Case of Mystery, which was released in 2006.
  • Watch A Sleeping Forest Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaA Sleeping Forest

    Kimura Takuya plays Ito Naoki, a mysterious man that seems to have some special connection with Oba Minako (Nakayama Miho) by their childhood. But Minako has lost her memory long ago and she won't remember anything about her childhood or him.
  • Watch A Tale of Two Sisters Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaA Tale of Two Sisters

    Two sisters who, after spending time in a mental institution, return to the home of their father and cruel stepmother. Once there, in addition to dealing with their stepmother?s obsessive and unbalanced ways, an interfering ghost also affects their recovery.
  • Watch Ace Attorney Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaAce Attorney

    Set sometime in the near future, Attorney Phoenix Wright (Hiroki Narimiya) goes up against childhood friend and now top prosector Miles Edgeworth (Takumi Saito) over the guilt or innocence of client Maya Fey (Mirei Kiritani). The legal system allows for only 3 days of trial before the judge makes a decision.
  • Watch Akumu Chan Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaAkumu Chan

    A black-hearted teacher and a young girl with foreseeing dreams save the world! Mutoi Ayami (Kitagawa) looks like a sincere and splendid primary school teacher on the outside, but she’s actually a black-hearted woman who doesn’t believe in love or other deep bonds. One day, her class gets a mysterious new transfer student named Koto Yuiko...
  • Watch Alice in Liar Game Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaAlice in Liar Game

    Spin-off drama "Alice in Liar Game" depicts the past history of genius girl Alice (Mana Ashida) and her relationship with Omega (Makiko Esumi) of the Liar Game organization.
  • Watch All Esper Dayo Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaAll Esper Dayo

    Adapted from the popular manga, this drama is set in the town of Higashimikawa in the prefecture of Ehime and is about Kamogawa Yoshiro, an average teenager, with no special talents nor outstanding abilities. Until one day, he could suddenly hear other people's thoughts.
  • Watch All-Round Appraiser Q: The Eyes of Mona Lisa Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaAll-Round Appraiser Q: The Eyes of Mona Lisa

    Riko Rinda (Haruka Ayase) is an appraiser with her own store "All-Around Appraiser Q". She is hired as a temporary employee by The Louvre for a Mona Lisa exhibition to be held in Japan. Yuto Ogasawara (Tori Matsuzaka) is a magazine editor and follows Riko Rinda for a story. The two soon discover a hidden puzzle of the Mona Lisa.