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  • Watch Girl Hell Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGirl Hell

    Two maniacs go on a rape spree, brutally battering their victims with a baseball bat repeatedly before raping them and then battering them again until their vicitm is dead (hence the title of the film)… but this time they picked the wrong girl..she extracts a harrowing and bloody revenge on the people that violated her
  • Watch Inferno Of Torture Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaInferno Of Torture

    Taking place in Feudal Japan, Teruo Ishii`s nasty, gore filled film follows through several stories of degradation and violence including incest, torture,lesbianism and a mad tattoo artist that kidnaps women to use as his personal canvas.
  • Watch The Butcher Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaThe Butcher

    The Butcher documents the creation of a snuff film from two vantage points: the perspective of the victims and the perspective of the creators. The protagonists include someone identified as “the director,” his assistant, and the film’s titular lunatic.
  • Watch Tokyo Gore Police Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaTokyo Gore Police

    In the near future...The Tokyo Police force has been privatized and incorporated.