Tactical Unit – Comrades in Arms

  • Tactical Unit – Comrades in Arms Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese Drama Tactical Unit – Comrades in Arms

    As a front-line police officer, you never leave a brother behind or bite a brother's behind... Tactical Unit Column Sergeant Sam (Simon Yam) and May (Maggie Siu) have been working together for some time but have never got along well. May is promoted recently as she always wins praises from her supervisor, whereas Sam is shut out from any chance of promotion. As a result their column's morale drops to all-time low. A daring bank heist takes the tactical unit to Hong Kong's remote mountains searching for armed bandits. As Sam and May lead their team to conduct sweeps amidst treacherous terrain and deadly ambushes, they understand the only way to survive the mission is if they stick together as  ...
    Year: 2014
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