Chinese Drama

  • Watch 101st Marriage Proposal Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese Drama101st Marriage Proposal

    Huang Da is a down on his luck ordinary guy who has desperate for love and tries to propose to a beautiful young cellist. His attempts to propose are complicated by a rich, charming and handsome rival who is determined to win the girl’s hand at all costs.
  • Watch 11 Flowers Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese Drama11 Flowers

    It’s 1975, southwest China, a decade after the start of the Cultural Revolution that turned the country upside down. Wang Han, an eleven-year-old boy, lives with his parents and younger sister in a large community courtyard.
  • Watch 1911 Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese Drama1911

    The story closely follows key events of the Xinhai Revolution, with focus on Huang Xing and Sun Yat-sen, beginning with the Wuchang Uprising of 1911, from the Second Guangzhou Uprising (on 27 April 1911) through military engagements between revolutionary and Qing Dynasty forces, the deaths of the 72 martyrs, and scenes of political-economic...
  • Watch 72 Heroes Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese Drama72 Heroes

    Plot: "72 Martyrs" directed by Hong Kong director Derek Chiu, Vincent Fang tells a group of blood, in their prime of youth to join the revolutionary cause, for freedom and democracy and not hesitate to shed blood, and write a Revolution period of 72 martyrs.
  • Watch 8 Avatar Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese Drama8 Avatar

    Story of finding the remaining 6 of the "Eight Immortals" whose mission is to obtain the magic herbs to save the world, whilst being blocked by the East Sea Dragon King.
  • Watch A Chinese Ghost Story Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Chinese Ghost Story

    The story takes place on an ancient mountain – Black Mountain, when a group of workers come to construct a road, causing the ancient spirits, ghosts and humans to enter into conflict. Rumors of spirits causing trouble prompt the workers to leave the mountain, leaving only a hardworking young man by the name of Ning Cai Chen, a strong believer...
  • Watch A Land Without Boundaries Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Land Without Boundaries

    A Chinese romantic fantasy film about love between a human and god.
  • Watch A Mobile Love Story Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Mobile Love Story

    Lu Yunfei returns to Shanghai from abroad and embarks on his career in the advertising industry. He has always been about why his girlfriend Su Fei broke up with him and has been unable to contact her despite continuous phone calls and SMSes.
  • Watch A Place of One's Own Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Place of One's Own

    Set within Taiwan "A Place of One's Own" tells three separate stories that converges in unexpected ways. Indie rock singer Muzi gets arrested for drugs and his popularity declines.
  • Watch A Story of LaLa's Promotion Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Story of LaLa's Promotion

    Wang Luodan stars as our white-collar heroine Du Lala, a charming administrative assistant who works her way up in a big multinational corporation in Shanghai. Through much trials and tribulations, she begins to understand what it takes to survive on the office battlefield, and the delicate art of balancing career and romance.
  • Watch A Style of Men in Beijing Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Style of Men in Beijing

    The movie is about a group of ‘floaters’ in Beijing ?people who live and work in Beijing but are not native residents. It is rare for a Beijing floater to have a fixed home, as they move from place to place according to their job requirements.
  • Watch A Tiger Wife Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Tiger Wife

    Xia Yifan (Huang Teng decoration) is a deputy director of a dream, a chance to meet, met a beautiful Jiang Xiaoli (Yin Tong Yi ornaments), so he started the pursuit. Living with Jiang Xiaoli Xia Yifan and buddies sand God...
  • Watch A Touch of Sin Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Touch of Sin

    Four independent stories set in modern China about random acts of violence.
  • Watch A World Without Thieves Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA World Without Thieves

    Wang Bo (Andy Lau) and Wang Li (Rene Liu) should have made the perfect Bonnie and Clyde: the former a seasoned con man and master pickpocket from Hong Kong, the latter a grifter femme fatale from Taiwan. Partners in crime and passion, the couple swindle their way across China, until one fine day Li suddenly decides to call it quits, both to...
  • Watch A Young Girl's Destiny Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaA Young Girl's Destiny

    Beijing, winter. After studying in the UK, where her parents are living, Zuo Yingning (Zhang Lixin) has returned to China to realise her dream of becoming a TV presenter.