• Watch K-20: Legend of the Mask Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaK-20: Legend of the Mask

    Story takes place in the 1940’s, in a fictional Japan, where the country is dominated by the upper class and the country suffers from a huge income disparity between the rich and poor. During this time, an evil masked villain named “K-20” roams around Japan stealing priceless artifacts.
  • Watch K-Pop - The Ultimate Audition Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaK-Pop - The Ultimate Audition

    Ji Seung Yeon dreams of becoming a hip-hop legend and unexpected events set her on the path to achieve just that, although there is an added obstacle - she has to dress up as a boy in order to join a male idol group. In the process, she meets Kang Woo Hyun, the leader of the popular idol group, M2, who captivates fans with a killer smile that...
  • Watch K.G. Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaK.G.

    A mysterious group kidnap a girl's sister. Years later, the group reappears and she is determined to get her sister back.
  • Watch Kaasan Mom's Life Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKaasan Mom's Life

    Rieko Saibara (Kyoko Koizumi) is a cartoonist and mother of a 6-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl. When she has a difficult time, she throws away her problems with laughter.
  • Watch Kabei Our Mother Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKabei Our Mother

    Set in Tokyo in 1940, the peaceful life of the Nogami Family suddenly changes when the father, Shigeru, is arrested and accused of being a Communist. His wife Kayo works frantically from morning to night to maintain the household and bring up her two daughters with the support of Shigeru's sister Hisako and Shigeru's ex-student Yamazaki, but...
  • Watch Kabukicho Love Hotel Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKabukicho Love Hotel

    Movie follows the lives of various people connected by a love hotel in Kabukicho, Tokyo. Characters include Toru (Shota Sometani), Saya (Atsuko Maeda), the cleaning woman for the love hotel (Kaho Minami), the cleaning woman’s husband (Yutaka Matsushige), music producer (Nao Omori), salaryman (Jun Murakami), prostitute scout (Shugo Oshinari)...
  • Watch Kaeru no Oujo-sama Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKaeru no Oujo-sama

    The scene is set in the town of Yume (Dream) city. Due to financial difficulties, the town is in the process of merging with another city, meanwhile turning into a garbage disposal facility.
  • Watch Kafoo: Waiting for Happiness Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKafoo: Waiting for Happiness

    Akio, a naive guy owns a small store in Okinawa. Despite his modest life, he has a mischievous dog Kafu that could bring vivacity to his life. One day Akio receives a letter from Saji, a girl he hasn't known. Saji claims in the letter that she is Aki...
  • Watch Kageri Yuku Natsu Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKageri Yuku Natsu

    A major newspaper has informally decided to employ a female university student. However, shock ripples within the newspaper because of a weekly magazine’s scoop that she is the daughter of the criminal in a serious case.
  • Watch Kagi no Kakatta Heya Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKagi no Kakatta Heya

    “Kagi no Kakatta Heya” is based on a novel by author Kishi Yusuke. Ohno plays an employee of a major security company who has to unravel various incidents.
  • Watch Kaibutsu Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKaibutsu

    Detective Kosai Takeo can't forget the killing of an 8 year old girl 15 years ago. The suspect Dojima Akira was the son of a member of the Diet and political pressure hindered further investigations.
  • Watch Kaibutsu-kun Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKaibutsu-kun

    Tells the story of the prince of the land of monsters. As part of his training to succeed the throne, he visits the human world, where he has various adventures with other monsters.
  • Watch Kaidan Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKaidan

    250 years ago. Soetsu, a humble moneylender, is murdered by Shinzaemon, a cruel samurai, and his body is disposed of in Kasane-ga-fuchi - the pool of a snaking river where, legend has it, those who sink into the water will never float to the surface again.
  • Watch Kaiji Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKaiji

    Kaiji Ito moves to Japan after graduating from high school. Unable to find a job and frustrated with society at large, Kaiji spends his days gambling, vandalizing cars, and drinking booze.
  • Watch Kaiki Toshi Densetsu Kuchisake Onna Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaKaiki Toshi Densetsu Kuchisake Onna

    A serial killer terrorizes a town, stabbing people on the street. The killer hasn’t been caught yet.