• Watch G@me Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaG@me

    A 'kidnapper' holds a girl hostage until a ransom demand is paid from her father. In reality, the kidnapper is actually an advertiser, who has been beaten to a 3 billion deal and so takes his Rival's daughter hostage. The girl later turns out to be more than she seems and turns into a handful for her 'kidnapper'...
  • Watch Gachi Baka Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGachi Baka

    Former pro boxer Gondo Tetta has come to Kaki-no-ki-zaka High School as a beginning teacher. The school hopes to restore finances by improving the students’ abilities and strengthening its baseball team.
  • Watch Gaiji Keisatsu Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGaiji Keisatsu

    In this world, there exists a police force that goes unnoticed, hidden deep within the city and never revealing themselves. Established after the September 11 attacks, this elite division, known as "Ura", is tasked with combating threats of international terrorism and espionage.
  • Watch Gaikoukan: Kuroda Kousaku Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGaikoukan: Kuroda Kousaku

    Kuroda Kosaku, a diplomat with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign affairs receives secret orders from his superior, Ando Yosuke, to protect Japanese nationals, and moves from place to place around the world. Kuroda solves a case involving the kidnapping of a Japanese in South America, and heads to San Francisco next.
  • Watch Gakeppuchi no Eri Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGakeppuchi no Eri

    "Gakeppuchi no Eri" describes the turbulent life of Eriko (Yamada), who has been extremely poor since childhood, due to the debt left by her parents. Despite constant misfortune, she aims to achieve happiness and money by moving to Tokyo to pursue life as a manga artist.
  • Watch Gakko ja Oshierarenai! Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGakko ja Oshierarenai!

    Fukada plays Mai Aida, a woman in her third year as an english teacher at a private all-girls high school. Due to declining enrollment, the school decides to admit its first male students.
  • Watch Gakkou no Kaidan Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGakkou no Kaidan

    Haruna Tsubame, an inconspicuous high school girl, is always sensitive to people’s moods and keeps the peace in school. One day, she gets pushed to become the president of the student council by the people around her.
  • Watch Gal Circle Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGal Circle

    Teen-aged girls who love to do the Para-Para street line dance and to generally hang out in hip-town Shibuya in Tokyo, better known as “Gal,” form groups called “Galcir,” short for gal circle or gal club. Members of the Galcir differ in background, personality and fashion style but are united in their rebellious and unruly ways against...
  • Watch Galileo Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGalileo

    In "Galileo," Fukuyama Masaharu plays a genius physicist and university associate professor, Yukawa Manabu, who solves difficult mysteries. Affectionately known as Tantei Galileo ("Detective Galileo"), Yukawa is brilliant, an all-round sportsman, tall and handsome but eccentric.
  • Watch Galileo Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGalileo

    It's another battle of the wits for the brilliant but eccentric physicist, Yukawa, and detective, Kaoru to uncover the secret behind a "perfect alibi". Tetsuya Ishigami is a mathematical genius and high school teacher who has fallen in love with a bento vendor.
  • Watch Galileo 2 Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGalileo 2

    Detective Kaoru Utsumi (Kou Shibasaki) visits professor of physics Manabu Yukawa (Masaharu Fukuyama) and introduces new detective Misa Kishitani (Yuriko Yoshitaka) to him. This is done on orders from Detective Shunpei Kusanagi (Kazuki Kitamura) of The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who graduated from same university as Manabu Yukawa.
  • Watch Gan-gi-nam Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaGan-gi-nam

    A detective Seon-woo, who moonlights as a private investigator, has a beautiful new client Soo-Jin. The woman asks the detective to take photos of her husband in the midst of having an affair with another woman.
  • Watch Ganbatte Ikimasshoi Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaGanbatte Ikimasshoi

    Suzuki Anne plays Etsuko Shinomura, a girl who wants to start a girl's crew team at her school. However, in order to do so she needs to find at least 4 other members.
  • Watch Gangnam Blues Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaGangnam Blues

    Jong-Dae (Lee Min-Ho) and Yong-Ki (Kim Rae-Won) grew up in an orphanage like real brothers. After they leave the orphanage, they make a living by picking up paper and empty bottles.
  • Watch Gangster High (R) Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaGangster High (R)

    Sang-ho and his friends Jae-gu and Chang-bae create a boys soccer club called "Tigers". Sang-ho, whose main passions are hitting the books and kicking a soccer ball, meets Su-hee through Jae-gu.