• Watch B420 Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaB420

    Koey believes happiness is like a bottle of coke, it'll soon become tasteless if you don't enjoy it right away. Simon believes happiness is similar to planting trees.
  • Watch Babo Miracle of Giving Fool Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBabo Miracle of Giving Fool

    Ji-ho is a promising pianist, studying and playing abroad for years. One night she decided to go back home and meets her old classmate Sung-ryong.
  • Watch Baby and Me Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBaby and Me

    Joon-soo is a tough 18 year old high school kid that loves to cause trouble. He often gets in fights, once with 17 other guys, but always comes out as the victor.
  • Watch Baby Blues Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaBaby Blues

    When a young couple moves into a home, they find a mysterious doll that changes their lives forever. Not long after, Suet Ching becomes pregnant with twins but as Yip Tou is always busy with his work, he comes home late every night.
  • Watch Baby-faced Beauty Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBaby-faced Beauty

    The story of a 34-year-old woman who's saddled with family debt and only has a high school qualifications, but dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her youthful appearance is her only advantage; she is mistaken for a 25-year-old university graduate and subsequently lands her dream job when she's hired by a fashion design company.
  • Watch Babysitter Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBabysitter

    An attractive babysitter, who graduated from a prestigious university, begins to work as a babysitter for 3 children from a wealthy couple. The attractive babysitter begins to change.
  • Watch Bachelors Vegetable Store Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBachelors Vegetable Store

    Based on the true success story of Lee Young Suk who turned a tiny vegetable store in a nationwide franchise.
  • Watch Back to 1942 Chinese Drama Online

    Chinese DramaBack to 1942

    A North Henan landlord embarks on a pilgrimage to Shaanxi province during the 1942 famine, struggling to survive as war with Japan looms on the horizon. His house beset by starving villagers, Landlord Fan (Zhang Guoli) endeavors to calm the crowd by preparing a feast.
  • Watch Bad Blood Hong Kong Drama Online

    Hong Kong DramaBad Blood

    The film begins with escaping prisoners Funky (Simon Yam), Calf (Andy On), Hung (Ken Lo), Kong (Xiong Xin Xin) and Andy Lok (Cheung Siu-fai) on the run from several People's Armed Police officers somewhere in China. Though Funky and his crew manage to fight off the guards, he and Andy Lok the crime boss of their gang get separated with the...
  • Watch Bad Boys J Japanese Drama Online

    Japanese DramaBad Boys J

    Hiroshima, 2013. The reigning No.
  • Watch Bad Couple Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBad Couple

    Choi Gi Chan is an University Botanic Professor with the "perfect genes." The drama is about an editor of a fashion magazine, Kim Dang Ja, who suddenly develops an urge to have her own baby despite opposing the idea of marriage.
  • Watch Bad Couple (2010) Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBad Couple (2010)

    Detective Bang Keuk-Hyun (Lim Chang Jung) falls into debt after a loan he guaranteed for a friend becomes delinquent. Kim Mu-Ryeong (Uhm Ji-Won) works as a customer relations representative for a credit company.
  • Watch Bad Family Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBad Family

    Na Rim (Lee Young Yoo), who came from a wealthy household, lost her family in a car accident when she was nine. After the accident, she suffered from amnesia so her uncle hired Oh Dal Gun (Kim Myung Min), an ex-ganster,to recreate a similar household with parents, sister, brother, grandparents and uncle in hopes that she would regain her memory.
  • Watch Bad Guy Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBad Guy

    Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) plans a revenge against the Haeshin Group. A company to whom Tae-sung (Kim Jae Wook) is the heir.
  • Watch Bad Guys Korean Drama Online

    Korean DramaBad Guys

    To combat rising violent crimes, the Police Chief asks Detective Oh Goo-Tak (Kim Sang-Joong) to form a team consisting of criminals. Detective Oh Goo-Tak is currently suspended from the police force for using excessive force.