• Watch Prince of the Sun  Online

    Prince of the Sun

    Cynthia Rothrock helps to protect a Buddhist boy from villains who wish to stop him from becoming the Prince of the Sun.
  • Watch Long zhi ren zhe  Online

    Long zhi ren zhe

    Two rival warriors, a Japanese and a Chinese, are forced to work together after their master has been killed by a mighty ennemy.
  • Watch Ji dong ji xia  Online

    Ji dong ji xia

    A frozen Ming Dynasty royal guard and the equally frigid rapist-killer he's tracking are thawed out in modern-day Hong Kong.
  • Watch Clan Feuds  Online

    Clan Feuds

  • Watch Ji ji  Online

    Ji ji

    Jackie Chan's Hong Kong variation of Frank Capra's "A Pocketful of Miracles" set in the 1930s. Jackie plays a country boy who rescues a gang boss.
  • Watch Long xiao ye  Online

    Long xiao ye

    The adventures of a restless martial arts student called Dragon, who, while constantly pursuing a girl, gets involved in the affairs of a gang of thieves.
  • Watch Daai jeung foo yat gei  Online

    Daai jeung foo yat gei

    A two-timing bigamist finds himself concocting scheme after scheme with his best friend, Chi Hung, to prevent either of his wives from discovering his bigamy. The unwanted intervention of a police officer as well as a series of unfortunate events lead to the wives discovery of the whole plot.
  • Watch Roar of the Lion  Online

    Roar of the Lion

    It's a Jungle out there and He's King!
  • Watch Dragons Forever  Online

    Dragons Forever

    Jackie Chan stars as a hot-shot lawyer hired by a Hong Kong chemical plant to dispose of opposition to their polluting ways. But when he falls for a beautiful woman out to stop the plant, Jackie is torn in a conflict of interest and asks his trusty friends Samo and Biao to help out at least until they discover the true purpose of the plant.
  • Watch Gui da gui  Online

    Gui da gui

    Villager Bold Cheung (Sammo Hung Kam-Bo), known for his willingness to do anything courageous, bold or daring, becomes a target by the evil rich Master Tam (Huang Ha), who committed adultery with Cheung's unfaithful wife and wants to keep her as his mistress. Cheung is tricked into a bet to spend the night in a haunted temple, where a vampire...
  • Watch Project A 2  Online

    Project A 2

    Dragon Ma is back, having rid the seas of the dreaded Pirate Lo. Back on land, he is assigned to the police force, where he is to clean up corruption and crime in a local suburb.
  • Watch The Challenger  Online

    The Challenger

    The film begins with mysterious fighter Kam Ching Hung (genre veteran Norman Chu, also in the likes of ?Abbot of Shaolin? and ?Zu Warriors?) turning up at several martial arts schools and challenging their leaders to duels, apparently with no discernable motive.
  • Watch Above the Law  Online

    Above the Law

    Yuen Biao plays Jason Chan a lawyer, angry at the way the law seems to protect the bad guys, he decides to take the law into his own hands when a key witness and his entire family are murdered. but Cindy Si is soon on his case and it all spirals into a situation only a few will survive.
  • Watch Two Toothless Tigers  Online

    Two Toothless Tigers

    Shuai ya lao hu: Two men each possess half of a treasure map, but over the years, their greed has prevented either from actually finding the treasure. But it seems that they may now be too late, as a third man plots to steal the treasure right out from under them.
  • Watch New Mr. Vampire  Online

    New Mr. Vampire

    A Hopping Ghost terrorizes a local warlord causing the local Tao Priest to compete for his services to rid the town of the menace.
  • Watch Shi di chu ma  Online

    Shi di chu ma

    After failing his fellow students in a Lion Dance competition, Dragon (Jackie Chan) is sent away from his school in disgrace, on the condition that he must find his errant brother. Much martial arts mayhem and mistaken-identity silliness ensue.
  • Watch Foo gwai lit che  Online

    Foo gwai lit che

    Multi-genre flick (western, martial arts, comedy, adventure, etc.) with an all-star cast about a man who returns to his home town, buys everything in sight, and tries to improve its municipal (and his personal) profits by sabotaging a train so the passengers all have to stop in his town and spend lots o' money! Throw in various subplots involving...
  • Watch She xing zui bu  Online

    She xing zui bu

    The rarest and deadliest kung fu movie ever made
  • Watch Z-108 qi cheng Taiwanese Drama Online

    Taiwanese DramaZ-108 qi cheng

    A virus gets loose in Taipei. Army and SWAT teams oversee evacuation but in Ximending the gangs don't want the police. They attack the military but when both find themselves under attack by zombies there is an alliance as they try and escape.
  • Watch Police Story  Online

    Police Story

    Kevin Chan (aka Jackie) is a Hong-Kong cop, who scores his first big hit by virtually single-handedly capturing and arresting a big drug- lord. Of course, the drug-lord isn't too happy about this, and frames Kevin with the murder of another cop (who happened to be on the take).
  • Watch Enter the Dragon  Online

    Enter the Dragon

    A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord using his invitation to a tournament there as cover.
  • Watch How Are You, Dad?  Online

    How Are You, Dad?

    A father can have many different kinds of faces. Which one does your father have? This is a film of ten short stories, and each shows a different relationship between a father and his son. Each story reveals the complexity between fathers and sons.
  • Watch Long de xin  Online

    Long de xin

    Story of a cop who forsakes his dreams of sailing around the world so that he can care for his mentally retarded brother. Innocently caught up in a gangland fight, the brother is kidnapped to force the cop to turn over a police informant.
  • Watch Glamorous Youth  Online

    Glamorous Youth

    Youth, and life in general, is anything but glamorous for a group of students and their families. Romantic woes and confused sexuality for both young and old, internal and external parental conflict and feelings of isolation ...
  • Watch Xia ri fu xing  Online

    Xia ri fu xing

    A police informant sent a letter containing sensitive information on an illegal drug operation to his friend, Yi-Ching. While on vacation in Thailand, the informant is assassinated by the drug lord's henchmen and, to cover-up their operation, they attempt to eliminate Yi-Ching and double-agent Lau.
  • Watch Shen you qing ren   Online

    Shen you qing ren 

    No description
  • Watch Gui ma tian shi  Online

    Gui ma tian shi

    No description
  • Watch The Gods Must Be Crazy V  Online

    The Gods Must Be Crazy V

    N!xau, you see, is stranded in China after somehow getting there while attending the All-China conference in Swaziland (maybe he discovered the martini). He needs money to get back to the Kalahari and is working in advertising by running around the city carrying this giant Coke bottle.
  • Watch Project A  Online

    Project A

    In late 19th Century Hong Kong the British may rule the land, but the pirates rule the waters. Reluctantly, the Coast Guard is given money to fight these pirates, but the pirates themselves have many contacts (that is, bribed officials) in the government, and seek to thwart the Coast Guard's efforts to eliminate them.
  • Watch Beauty Inspectors  Online

    Beauty Inspectors

    A serial killer is loose in Hong Kong, murdering hostesses from high class night clubs. As punishment for their flaky style and lack of discipline, two young policewomen are assigned to work undercover as hostesses to catch the sadist.
  • Watch Qi mou miao ji: Wu fu xing  Online

    Qi mou miao ji: Wu fu xing

    Five friends are released from prison and do their best to stay out trouble. Trying to mind their own business (and run their Five Star Cleaning Service), they are unfortunately caught up in a war between rival Triad gangs fighting for control of the counterfeit currency market.
  • Watch Fist of Fury 1991  Online

    Fist of Fury 1991

    Xin jing wu men 1991: No description
  • Watch Ren xia ren  Online

    Ren xia ren

    Wah Li, known as Fat Boy to his friends, lives with his great-uncle the priest (Uncle). Together with his oddball friends Lai Li and Momo, Wah Li helps Uncle to run the local funeral services.
  • Watch The Challenger  Online

    The Challenger

    The film begins with mysterious fighter Kam Ching Hung (genre veteran Norman Chu, also in the likes of ?Abbot of Shaolin? and ?Zu Warriors?) turning up at several martial arts schools and challenging their leaders to duels, apparently with no discernable motive.