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    Japanese DramaK.G.

    A mysterious group kidnap a girl's sister. Years later, the group reappears and she is determined to get her sister back.
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    SP: The motion picture yabô hen

    For the uninitiated, SP: The Motion Picture basically introduced a team of Japanese politician bodyguards. The focus here lies on the team leader, Soichiro Ogata (Shin'ichi Tsutsumi / Suspect X) and one of the member Kaoru Inoue (Junichi Okada).
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    Nekonade: Onizuka Taro is the head of Human Resource Department at a big company. As a highly disciplined man, he strictly and inflexibly follows company orders just and fair.
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    Saikô no Rikon 

    After two years of marriage, Kosei Hamasaki is going to divorce his wife. Unhappy, he does not even know if he loves even those who share his life.