Kim Jae Won Online

Kim Jae Won

Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 18 February 1981
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 182
Chinese zodiac: Rooster
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    Korean DramaHwajung

    Fair Princess Jungmyung (Lee Yeon Hee) lives a life of the highest privilege, until her half-brother Prince Gwanghae (Cha Seung Won) executes the rightful crown prince and usurps the throne. Exiled from court, Jungmyung goes under disguise as a man and learns to adapt to life as a commoner — never forgetting Gwanghae's wrongdoing.
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    After being dumped by her boyfriend just before their 100 day anniversary, Ha-Young (Ha Ji-Won) meets a college guy named Hyung-Joon when she accidentally kicks a can that hits him in the face and causes him to scratch his Lexus. He demands she pay him $3000 on the spot.
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    The love story of Cha Dong Joo, man who's been rendered deaf after an accident but pretends he can hear, and Bong Woo Ri, a woman who's intelligent but pretends she's dim-witted to protect the dignity of her mentally handicapped father.
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    Kang Hyun Se (Kim Jae Won) grew up without knowing his father. Due to the lack of fatherly love, he was recruited by a gang and became a third rate mobster.
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    This story is about the life of Joseon-era dancer, musician and poet, Hwang Jin Yi, who seeks perfection in her art relentlessly and the hardship facing women due to their lowly social status.
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    Song-yi is a girl with a pure heart with a bad temper. She was tricked and humiliated by her "best friend" Hee-won as a child.
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    Hae Joo did not grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has had to study and work hard to achieve success as an oceanographer in the male-dominated shipbuilding industry.
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    Fatal love strikes us out of a sudden and helplessly takes us deep down into the sea of fervor, giving us no choice but to yield. This drama beautifully unfolds the forbidden passion between a teacher and a student.
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    This series is about a 19 year old girl, Yoo Min who was being abandoned after the death of her mother. She lives alone with her adopted brother, Kang-Pyo.
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    Han Seung-wan (Kim Jae Won) leaves for Singapore to surprise his girlfried on her birthday, and Jung Se jin (Eugene) is on the same flight to say farewell to her deceased "first love" who died in Singapore. When literally bumping into each other at the airport, they accidentally take each other's passports.
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    A man loses his son when a building collapses. He finds out who killed his son and kidnaps the son of this man.